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        The  Constitution of India  authorizes the  Government  to take  measures  for  the protection of  women  and  children.  In accordance  with these provisions several progressive steps  have been  taken by  Government  of  Karnataka  with a view to  ensure the  care and protection of women and children.          

        The Department of Probation and After Care Services   was established  in 1956 and was functioning under the Social Welfare Department wherein focus was on  giving services to children and women admitted under various social legislations in correctional institutions.  A  separate  directorate  of Women and Child Development was created in  1975, during the "International Year of Women",  with the objective of giving  the much needed impetus to the holistic development of women and children. The major thrust of the programmes and schemes of the directorate of Women and Child Development is to ensure a state of well being for women and children especially those of the weaker sections of  society.  

       The Department formulates plans, policies  and programmes, guides and co-ordinates the efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of women and child development.

      The Department of Women and Child Development has promoted and assisted the voluntary sector significantly in the implementation of the government policies and programmes for women and children.  

       The  focus  of the Department is the   all round development  of women and children  and empowerment of women.   The   activities  of  the  department  can   be   broadly  classified into 3 categories

           Programmes for Women Development

           Programmes for Child Development

           Social Defence Programmes